3.3.13 Twin Rivers update

It has been a few weeks since the last 3 day event and the JARBA Farms horses and clients were more than ready to see where they were after weeks of practice. What we found out was that the jumping phases were fantastic and though we were pleased with the dressage performances our pairs left some scores in the dressage court. With nine horses competing we had a total of 4 rails and 3 time faults in show jumping and no refusals & only 4 horses did not make the time. Renegade Storm & Theoreticaleigh competed in their first event ever and were unflappable. They had 3 of the rails in sj and had time faults in xc which we planned on but they jumped everything and never flinched with all that was going on around them. Cindy Marvin did a fantastic job guiding them through their first competition. A huge shout out to Lucy Beard and My Sedona on their weekend as Lucy rode on one leg all weekend as she is nursing a severely sprained ankle. Sedona seemed to know that Lucy was lame and jumped flawlessly in SJ and gave a clinic on how XC should be run as they finished on their dressage score. Cairo and Jil also finished on their dressage mark of 33 and finished in 3rd place in Open Novice. Cindy Covington & Bravo, Maddie McElduff riding both Tagg Oakley & Gibson on the Rocks, all jumped clean – clean in both phases to end on their first day scores. Jude McKenzie & Bingo had very good showing for their first go of the year with a clear SJ & a few time faults in XC. All in all a very good show for JARB Farms.

We now turn our attention to getting a few of the horses ready for Copper Meadows this weekend. More time has been spent on the flatwork with dressage trainer Niki Hall coming over to give lessons for a few of the clients. As always, having a new set of eyes and new exercises has given the riders and horses something new to work on. We will look forward to seeing the progression at Copper.

I am also happy to report that JARBA Jumps has placed another training corner with an event trainer as Frederic Bouland has received fulfillment of his order for the training corner. I delivered it to his facility in Phoenix yesterday. Now I will sign off and pack my things to head back to Temecula but on the way out of town I think I will check out a little spring training baseball. Sounds like a fun day.