JARBA Farms: Winter Update

Here we are at the 6th day of the new year and we are getting ready to embark on our new adventures. Carmen has new tires, brakes, exhaust, & fluids. Trails West has repacked wheel bearings, 2 new tires, and after being totally emptied and cleaned out last summer is being repacked for departure to Galway Downs. This is always the time of year we get a mixture of excitement and nervousness as we get everything ready at JARBA Farms for the rest of the winter and yet get ready to start the 2013 Eventing season in California.

We are bringing a mixture of young horses and veterans who all look forward to getting on solid ground once again as well as having their winter fur clipped off for more comfort. We will be joined by several clients that have come to JARBA Winter Camp in the past as well as a few newcomers. Their stays range from 3 months to 3 weeks and everyone looks forward to nicer weather and the total emersion into all things equestrian for the 3 months Jil will be at Galway Downs. There is a full schedule of equestrian activities set at Galway Downs as well as at Kingsway Farm across the road. Clinics, hunter/ jumper shows, fox hunts, trail rides, horse trials & 3 Day Events at Galway Downs & 3 Day Ranch. We will also be training some young horses as only Jil, Cindy and Lucy can do. It truly is a training camp that will improve all horses and riders.

So we continue to pack the truck and trailer, vowing to not bring as much with us and always failing. We look forward to seeing our many friends and family in the next few weeks. We also thank Jen J, Cade, Cathy, Sarah, and a host of others who have helped us get ready to go and will look after JARBA Farms in the next few weeks.

Look for updates while we are in Temecula. Jil vows she will write updates this year.

Let the Adventure of 2013 start now!!